7 Reasons to Hire a Kids Party Photographer

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Hire a kids party photographer for your kids’ birthday photos. Why? Let’s face it…your smartphone camera is great, but you’re not a professional. Your juggling skills are half that of the clown you booked for your kid’s party, right? So with all of the responsibility that comes with pulling off the perfect party, why would you even consider being the event photographer too? We have an idea: You concentrate on the party. Our professional photographers will handle the pictures.

kiddys kingdom kids party photographer

Professional Party Pics: 7 Reasons Not to DIY

1. You’re too busy hosting the perfect party

It’s time to face the frustrating fact that you can’t be in two places at once. While you’re setting up the next party activity or putting the candles on the cake, who is capturing all of the kids’ candid moments? Enter: The Professional. Jane Peterson, of Phillips Event Photography believes that party throwers should have as much fun as party-goers. “They need to enjoy themselves instead of worrying about documenting the event. Leave that to a pro — it’s worth it.”

2. You can actually be IN the pictures!

“I love capturing candid moments that express love and emotion,” said Peterson. “Your kids party photographer can get candid moments of the entire family. But, if mom is the photographer, there won’t be any pictures of her because she is behind the camera”. You are an integral part of your child’s big day. Be a part of the memories.

3. You are not a professional. Professionals are trained

From the candid snapshots to the creative pictures to the traditional photos, a pro is sure to capture it all. Peterson explained, “A professional photographer has hours upon hours of experience and is more likely to have a good eye for composition and anticipation.” Still, Peterson has her favorite party shots that she always makes sure she snaps.

“I try to capture the children with their parents or grandparents during those special moments that show their bond,” said Peterson. “As always, I get the cake and the family blowing out the candles, too”.

4. A pro photographer comes with high-end equipment

OK, how many non-professionals have a 5K DSLR or Mirrorless camera  hiding in their closet? One of the perks of professionals is that they own top-of-the-line cameras. “Let a photographer capture the moments with a professional high res camera, pro lighting and pro lenses,” said Peterson. Special moments deserve superior equipment.

kiddys kingdom kids party photographer

5. It’s a great alternative to family portraits

Remember the last time you arranged for the family to get portraits taken? The kids didn’t like the clothes that were picked out for them and no one would sit still. When it was all over, you received a packet of photos that featured studio-forced smiles. This was not what you had in mind for the holiday card. This time, approach portraits differently. Peterson explained how capturing kids and families in their natural settings would result in cherished photos. “We are trained professional photographers that wait for the perfect moment to capture the children and guests naturally”, said Peterson. “We have enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t, trust me.”

6. Eliminate post-party organization stress

You’ve planned the party to a tee with lists, a dozen separate shopping trips, and hours of cooking + set up. Then you managed the party day with rowdy kiddos, icing explosions, and last-minute balloon malfunctions. Do you

A. really want to be trying to manage well-composed, sharp images amidst those duties? and

B. do you honestly see yourself in the weeks following having several free hours to go through all those pictures, touch them up, and get them printed?

A kids party photographer can make receiving the photos easy. You just enjoy the party and then a few days/weeks later, you receive a perfectly curated gallery online or by usb. Choosing to delegate the memory-keeping to a professional will take loads off your already pizza-grease-covered plate.

7. Capture Candids

It’s easy for kids and adults to fall subject to the “say-cheese” syndrome, but birthday parties are about fun and festivity — a pro will be able to capture the in-between moments that showcase real emotion of individuals and groups.

The next time you are hosting a kid’s party, consider hiring a professional photographer. Remember: A photographer has just as much passion for their craft as you do for your child, and that passion comes through in the photos. Peterson said, “As long as I capture images that move my clients, I am happy.”


Planning your kid’s birthday party can be fun and easy. Parents nationwide trust Phillips Kiddy’s Kingdom to plan their festivities. We offer a wide selection of kids’ entertainment services featuring cartoon characters, balloon twisting, face painting, clowns, and inflatable rentals. Our friendly team has everything you need to host an amazing event. Call (844) 454-3397 or select a location near you for more information.